Monday, 14 September 2015

Importance of Google Analytics in SEO

Importance of Google Analytics in SEOThe Google Analytics is an important tool in SEO. Usage of Google Analytics helps SEO to know the visit details such as nature of visits, source of visits, page spending time etc in his website & published pages. An SEO Analyst can never forecast what will happen on the website after his integration. There can be more detailed reports on interaction of visitors, referral details, user navigation, bounce rate etc. in Google Analysitcs.  By usage of Google Analytics as a main tracking software, SEO can’t know about the visitors interaction, hits achieved through social media websites, organic visits ( visits came from search engines) etc. Google analytics can help SEO to track the leading pages in which visitors are landed and navigated. Since Google analytics is a free tracking analysis tools from the side of Google, there are many importance in developing SEO marketing strategies, reports, re-optimization practices, case study preparation, proposal creation etc. We can track visit details, traffic source, page spending time, new user returning user comparison etc. Features such as conversion optimization, goal conversion setting, referring network identification etc. are another important features of Google Analytics.

The persons who all are look into an SEO career have to learn Google Analytics and do the practices daily.

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